Q. Where is the willow you use grown?

A. I currently purchase willow from growers in the UK, mostly from the Somerset levels from companies that grow and sell willow and related products. I have in the past been lucky enough to grow some of my own willow for use in my work and hope to again in the near future 🙂

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Q. Do I need to protect my sculpture that is going outdoors?

A. The sculptures I make are fully natural and are ‘ready to go’. Thus they can be installed as is in your garden. The non-living willow I use is, essentially, sticks, and therefore will deteriorate over time. Your sculpture should last a good few years, but to prolong its life, you can apply a breathable wood preserve, or as recommended by other willow artists a 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil and turpentine. Please read any safety instructions of any preserves carefully before use! Also, you can bring your sculpture or item inside over the winter to keep it protected from bad weather.

Q. Can I place my willow heart/wreath/indoor decor anywhere in the home?

A. You can place your indoor decoration item where you like in the home, however please note that if placed in direct sunlight the wicker may fade in colour (to note particularly if your item is coloured/dyed willow). If placed in direct heat such as in a conservatory the willow may become brittle more quickly, as you would expect with any sticks dried out very quickly. In addition willow is a natural material so do not place it close to a lit fire! Also, prolonged damp conditions will reduce the life of the item. Remember that willow is a natural material and won’t last forever. Part of it’s natural rustic charm is it has been utilised for hundreds of years, that it will biodegrade in the end and is an environmentally friendly product 🙂